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  • Research Fields
    Advanced Manufacturing Technology
    • generic technology
    • precision plastic forming technology
    • high efficiency-clean-energy saving heat treatment technology
    • precise complex mould technology
    • high quality and efficiency welding technology
    • precise and high quality casting forming technology
    • new and high quality surface protection technology
    • modern design technology
    • precise mechanical transmission technology
    • developing forecast of the industry of major technical equipment
    Informationization of Manufacturing Industry
    • synthesize integral technology and integrated automation technology for informationization of manufacturing industry
    • precision measurement and automatic measurement technology
    • industrial robot and AIT (artificial intelligence technology)
    • modern logistics automation technology
    Mechatronics High Technology
    • green technology and equipments
    • electrical physics technology and equipments
    • network technology and engineering
    • mechatronics non-standard complete plant
    New Materials and Engineering Application Technology
    • new technology of materials machining and its application
    • new composite material technology
    • special functional materials technology